This site provides information about Cryptocurrency. It covers a wide variety of topics including explaining what it is, how to buy it, what the fees are and more. There is a particular focus on UK related topics.

How much did the top 10 cryptocurrencies drop during January 2018 crash?

January 2018 crypto crash January 2018 saw many reports of a significant cryptocurrency market ‘crash’. So just how much did the top 10 cryptocurrencies drop during January 2018? See below for the January 1st value, the value on January 31st and the drop (or several cases the gain!). Bitcoin (BTC) Jan 1st  = 14112 USD […]

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How much are the Cryptocurrency exchange fees?

The exchange fees for Cryptocurrency vary quite a lot. Typically, the largest fee you encounter will be when you convert from your local currency into Cryptocurrency. To convert from one cryptocurrency to another also has fees, but these are usually less. We will specifically focus on fees in the UK in this article – fees […]

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What is Cryptocurrency

What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that facilitates secure transactions. The key difference compared to traditionally currencies such as pounds and dollars is that cryptocurrency is decentralised. When talking about crypocurrency, traditional currencies are often referred to as ‘fiat’. There are 100s of different types, with Bitcoin being the most popular one. Other […]

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